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How to Find the Best 2019 Wedding Gowns

Planning a wedding in Barbados already makes your big day the talk of the town. Coordinating so many tasks can prove to be a challenge, but we know what can help to make your wedding along the Carribean coast a picture-perfect event. In Barbados, it's easy to get lost in the chaos of shopping! However, we've narrowed down to 5 tips to focus on while hunting for your perfect gown. Read on and make sure to take notes...

Things to Do Before Buying Your Ideal Gown

  • Do your research - Scour through fashion magazines and Pinterest to see what styles of gowns pique your interest. Learn to identify your silhouette and see what types of dresses can flatter your body. Having an idea of what you're looking for can help stylists quickly tend to you during your appointment.
  • Plan your Budget - If you're planning on spending $2000 on your dress, ensure that it all doesn't go into the sole purchase. Accommodate your budget to fit altering costs and/or embellishing costs. Once you narrow down your budget, stick to it and avoid trying on gowns that exceed the limit.
  • Shop Early - Sometimes, getting a wedding gown made can take as long as 4 months. Keeping these possibilities in mind, it's never too late to begin shopping for the perfect dress. Call boutiques and enquire about their turnaround time for alterations. If you're looking for chic Carribean designers to design your dress, be proactive and get your foot in the door as soon as you can.
  • Pay attention to fabric - Barbados is a diverse city and depending on where you want your wedding to be, it's safe to dress for the occasion. If this is an outdoor wedding in the Spring, consider lightweight fabrics, such as tulle or lace. If you opt for an indoor ceremony, try wearing thicker fabrics like taffeta or crepe. Ultimately, comfort is key!
  • Shop according to theme - You'll want to decide on the overall theme of the wedding before beginning to shop for your wedding dress. Choose a delectable color palette and follow the aesthetic. This can include drawing inspiration from aspects such as your wedding venue, centerpieces or even altar decor. Keeping in line with the theme can result in a lot of stunning pictures.

Wedding Venues in Barbados

With a number of beautiful Barbados wedding venues to choose from, the perfect spot for your wedding is not too far from the coast. At Sea Breeze Beach House, we're confident you'll find the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception! We offer a romantic setting with spectacular views of Oistin's Bay and the calm waters of Barbados South Coast! Offering a tropical paradise for you to say 'I Do', plan your nuptials at our hotel and await an enchanting wedding experience on the beautiful island of Barbados for your romantic wedding and honeymoon.
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