Lil Dippers Kids Club & Shore Break Teen Lounge Are Cool In Many Ways.

With complimentary watersports, beach table tennis, and pool exercise sessions among the daily choices you'll find at Sea Breeze Beach House, there's plenty to do for all ages - in between relaxing on your super-comfy sun lounger.

When the kids need a cooling-off break, our fully air-conditioned Lil Dippers Kids' Club and Shore Break Teen Lounge offer age-appropriate schedules packed with outdoor games, pool time and beach activities, as well as supervised indoor R&R, with computers, video games, TV and DVD players, board games, toys, puzzles and crafts.

Staffed by our warm, professional kids' club team, you'll relax all the easier in the knowledge that the younger members of the family are happily - and productively - engaged.

During the school holidays, our extended hours mean movie nights and other treats for the kids, and we also have a babysitting service available at nominal cost, so young-at-heart adults don't have to miss all the evening fun.

There's a warm welcome, safe practices, and activities for every kid to enjoy during their stay at Sea Breeze Beach House.