We Believe In 'YOLO' For Solo Travellers

In 2023, Forbes predicted that this would be the year of the solo travellers, pointing out a sweeping trend that has developed over the past few years. More and more people - especially women - are choosing to vacation alone, and wondering why they never tried it before.

This September at Sea Breeze Beach House, we're celebrating the spirit of solo travel with an exclusive promotion and tailored experiences. Join us for Solo September Escapes and do as much or as little as you like, because our team is here to make it 'your stay, your way' every day.

From fine-dining and sunset bubbles to fire-eating, barbecue and rum punch on the beach, you'll be treated like a VIP at our indoor-outdoor restaurants and bars, and our carefully curated events, excursions and activities will offer the chance to connect with like-minded guests, socialise and see a bit of beautiful Barbados.

Solo September Escapes will offer guests the opportunity to customise their getaway, so that every moment is a special one.

And at Drift Spa, you can really spend some quality 'me-time' with amazing personal pampering sessions, from deep tissue massages to facials and mani-pedis.

So why September? It's the golden window of opportunity when crowds dwindle, prices drop, and Barbados unveils its hidden charms just for you. 

But please don't just take it from us!

A recent solo guest would definitely recommend us for a solo escape: "Staying at Sea Breeze Beach House on my own was a revelation! The staff are so caring and detail-oriented, they feel like family, plus they remember the personal details like your favourite drink or which table you prefer at breakfast or dinner. The beach is pristine white sand, the sea is turquoise blue, and there’s an adult only pool which feels ‘tucked away’ from the rest of the resort. Brilliant activities like rum-tasting, bingo and beach walks are optional, and the daily sunset accompanied by canapes and bubbly is a must-do. I had never sat on an ocean-view terrace, watching the sunset with a glass of champagne and my own thoughts, but now I recommend it to everyone!”

And when you book direct on our website, you'll receive a complimentary 30 minute massage at Drift Spa! We're sure your Solo September Escape will create once-in-a-lifetime experiences and beautiful memories.

After all, they say "you only live once"!