It's Beginning To Look Like The Festive Season

Christmas in the Caribbean might be quite different to what you're used to. For a start, the December weather is golden and sunny, the sea is at its bluest, and the Trade Winds bring cooling breezes to the tropical evenings.

Here at Sea Breeze Beach House we have our own holiday traditions, many of which are uniquely Barbadian, and this year we're introducing even more wonderful ways to celebrate with our guests.

Executive Chef Ron Maynard and his team are preparing an array of culinary delights to ensure all our guests enjoy an authentic taste of the island during the biggest holiday of the year. Here are some of the highlights:

BLACK CAKE - Similar to an English fruit cake flavoured with rum. Traditionally, the fruit is soaked for three months, then added to the cake mixture at the time of baking. Be careful though, because too much black cake may result in intoxication ;)

JUG JUG - This is a traditional Bajan dish is made from pigeon peas boiled with small amounts of salted meat and pork and seasonings.

FALERNUM - Pronounced fah-learn-um, this
sweet syrup used in tropical rinks. It contains almond, ginger and lime, and can be made with or without alcohol.

GINGER BEER - First introduced as an alcoholic
drink, nowadays it's a soft drink primarily flavoured with ginger root and sweetened with sugar.

SORREL - A Caribbean classic, this ruby red drink is made from the funnel-shaped flowers of the sorrel shrub, botanically named Hibiscus sabdariffa, which is a member of the Mallow family.

The fun and festivities kick off on December 21 with our Ocean Hotels Family Picnic at Bathsheba on the east coast of the island, and continue daily with a wonderful variety of traditions old and new.

Carols on the lawn with afternoon tea (Dec 22 & 23) are sure to be rousing, while the kids have their own festive activities including Christmas Tie-Dyeing, Bottle Art and Mini-Chef Baking.

Santa Claus arrives in uniquely Bajan style on Christmas morning to get the party started, and on Boxing Day guests can wind down Bajan style with Draft Beer, Dominoes & Trivia at De Rum Shop.

Guests who are staying with us on New Years Eve are in for quite a treat, with our Glitter On The Beach Party featuring Gala Dinner, live entertainment, and champagne and fireworks at midnight over the Caribbean Sea!

Check out our full Festive Programme here. Sea Breeze Beach House is booked pretty solid for the holidays this year, but don't be discouraged - you can always book direct today so as not to miss out in 2023!